In the midst of an adventure to Hawaii, Eric and Cristina faced the uncertainty of Hurricane Lane, a challenge that nearly derailed their journey before it began. Yet, as they landed, the storm’s fury diminished, transforming into a backdrop of dramatic rain clouds and a light, refreshing sprinkle. It was against this unexpectedly serene setting on a secluded Maui beach that Eric found the perfect moment for a surprise that would change their lives forever. With the soft rain as a witness and the calm after the storm enveloping them, he proposed. Cristina’s affirmative answer was a testament to their resilience and love, a bright moment of joy amidst the remnants of nature’s tempest.

This unique chapter in their love story, captured with the nuanced eye of Knox Park Films, reflects the beauty of embracing life’s unpredictability. The video weaves the elements of nature with the personal narrative of Eric and Cristina, creating a cinematic portrayal that’s both intimate and majestic. Their tale is a reminder that sometimes, the most memorable moments come from the unexpected, framed not by perfection but by the genuine and raw beauty of life itself.


Maui, Hawaii


Knox Park Films